Multiple moneys and development: making payments in diverse economies

2nd International Conference on Complementary Currency Systems (CCS)

 19-23 June 2013

About the conference

The 2nd International Conference on Complementary Currency Systems was held from 19th to 23 June 2013 at ISS.

Community and complementary currency systems include initiatives like the LETS, time banks, the Argentine Redes de Trueque, the Ithaca Hours in the USA, the German Regiogeld, the Brasilian community banks with surrogate currencies, the SOL currency in France, the ‘Transition Towns’ in the UK, the RES in Belgium and the Wir in Switzerland, mobile-phone payment systems in Uganda and Kenya, and for digital remittances in El Salvador.

Examples of credit tokens

Keynote speakers

 Katherine Gibson

Professor Katherine Gibson, Institute of Culture and Society (ICS), University of Western Sydney, Human and Economic Geography, Australia


Akinobu Kuroda

Akinobu Kuroda is professor of Financial History at the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia at the University of Tokyo


Professor Keith Hart is Centennial Professor of Economic Anthropology at the London School of Economics and Co-Director of the Human Economy Programme, University of Pretoria.



Papers and Presentations

Money in diverse economies: Conceptualizing plurality

Jérôme Blanc, Ludovic Desmedt, Laurent Le Maux, Jaime Marques-Pereira, Pepita Ould Ahmed, Bruno Théret

"Monetary Plurality in Economic Theory"  Document  Presentation

Bernard Lietaer

"Learning from Nature: How Complementary Currencies stabilize the monetary system"  Document  Presentation

Peter Brass

"Complementary currencies and the global economy"  Document  Presentation

Szalay Zsuzsanna

"From Braudel’s Triptych to the Closed Loop Economy"  Document  Presentation
Masahiro Mikami and Makoto Nishibe "Gaming Simulation using Electronic Community Currency: Behavioral Analysis of Self-versus-Community Consciousness"  Document  Presentation
Takayoshi Kusago and Makoto Nishibe

"Community dock: a new policy approach for altering institutions"

 Document  Presentation
Jens Martignoni "Aspects for the cooperation of currencies"  Document  Presentation

Bruno Théret

"Monetary experiments of complementarity among state moneys in contemporary federal polities: some general principles and the case of the bocade of the Province of Tucuman in Argentina between 1984 and 2003"  Document  Presentation
Jérôme Blanc "Unpacking complementarity: a conceptual criticism of so-called complementary currencies"  Document  Presentation
Thomas Greco "Reinventing Money: How Complementary Currencies and Mutual Credit Clearing Can Create a Sustainable, Regenerative Economy"  Document  Presentation
Stephanie Rearick and Marc Brakken "Trophic economy part II"  Document  Presentation
Tim Jenkin "What Comes After Capitalism? - That is the Wrong Question"  Document  Presentation

Insights on plural currencies: CCS as community innovation

Gill Seyfang and Noel Longhurst

"What Influences Community Currency Growth and Spread? Understanding Grassroots Innovations for Sustainability"  Document  Presentation

Ken-Ichi Kurita, Masayuki Yoshida, Yoshihisa, Miyazaki 

"Voluntary workers’ differing perceptions of community money"  Document  Presentation

Robin Krabbe

"Reputation currencies – can they develop and spread sustainability macro-norms?"  Document  Presentation

Shigeto Kobayashi, Takashi Hashimoto, Ken-Ichi Kurita And Makoto Nishibe

"Correlation between Currency Consciousness among Participants of Community Currency and Its Circulation"  Document  Presentation

Joey Renert

"Increase Community Currency Circulation: Back It with Appropriate Core Resources"  Document  Presentation

Josep Peplluis de la Rosa I Esteva

"On velocity in several complementary currencies"  Document  Presentation

Hugo Godschalk

"CCS as subject to financial regulation in the EU"  Document  Presentation

Georgina Gomez

"Neither public nor private: CCS as club markets"  Document  Presentation

 Rolf F. H. Schroeder

"The Financing of Complementary Currencies: Risks and Chances on the Path toward Sustainable Regional Economies"  Document  Presentation

Arjo Klamer, Lotte Boonstra, Aldo Do Carmo jr. and Eleftheria Karioti

"Complementary Currency Systems: Social and Economic Effects of Complementary Currencies"  Document  Presentation

Marie Fare, Carlos de Freitas and Camille Meyer

"Social Currencies in Brazilian Community Development Banks : What Role in Territorial Development ? The case of Banco Palmas"  Document  Presentation

Leander Bindewald, Christophe Place

"Validating and improving the impact of complementary currency systems: proposition of an impact assessment process and scoreboard for social, environmental, economic and political development goals"  Document  Presentation

Thomas Kiesgen, Jan Stuckatz, Iona Summerson, Lukas Fesenfeld, Daniela Russ

"It’s the founder, stupid! The influence of ideological alignment of regional currency initiators on the currencies’ development"  Document  Presentation

Andras Novoszath

"Worth the money: the creation, measurement and management of economic value"  Document  Presentation

Study reports on CCS cases: Learning from practice

Mike Unrau

"A Practitioners Guide to Cultivating and Developing Government and Institutional Support for a Complementary Currency"  Document  Presentation

Juliana Braz

"Community Development and Social Currency: main effects and results of Banco Palmas"  Document  Presentation

Ruth Naughton-Doe

"Time to get realistic: unmasking the myths to reveal the reality of time banking practice in England"  Document  Presentation

Baeg Eui Hong and Joonmo Kang

"The Perception of Community Currencies in Korea - Using Q methodology"

 Document  Presentation

William O. Ruddick and Jem Bendell

"Complementary Currencies for Sustainable Development in Kenya"

 Document  Presentation

Marie Fare

"Sustainable territorial development and monetary subsidiarity"  Document  Presentation

Yoshihisa, Miyazaki and Ken-ichi, Kurita

"Possibilities and Issues of Community Currency towards the Endogenous Development in Hilly and Mountainous Areas: A Case Study of Forest Volunteer Activities in Japan"  Document  Presentation

Ricardo Orzi

"Las monedas complementarias en el norte y en el sur. Aportes diferenciales en la construcción de ‘otra economía’"

 Document  Presentation

Enric Montesa and Yasuyuki Hirota

"Marketing strategies for a complementary currency system (CCS) - A mobile payment system project in Russafa and Gran Vía, Valencia (Spain)"

 Document  Presentation

Irene Sotiropoulou

"Prices in parallel currency: the case of the exchange network of Chania"

 Document  Presentation

Miguel Puertas and Marcelo Gryckiewicz

"A la sombra del Arbolito"

 Document  Presentation

Erick Brenes

"Update on Complementary Currency Projects in Central America"  Document  Presentation

Lee Gregory

"Co-option, Resilience or Resistance? Lessons for Community Currency Systems from the UK development of Time Banking"  Document  Presentation

Gábor Sárdi, József Varga and Anett Parádi-Dolgos

"Comparative analysis of the Hungarian complementary currency systems"  Document  Presentation



Henk van Arkel Stephanie Rearick
Bernard Lietear Raines Cohen
Thomas Greco Peter Surda
Tim Jenkin Edgar Kampers
Dussard Julien Arjo Klamers



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