Environmental Studies Colloquium series: 'Critical Engagements with the Green Economy'

A series of colloquia organized by the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Society for International Development Netherlands Chapter (SID), and HIVOS.

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The ‘green economy’ is rapidly replacing ‘sustainable development’ as a global ideal and broadly accepted route to prosperity and sustainability. Its advocates insist that it will do what sustainable developed failed to achieve: combine further economic growth and development with environmental sustainability without changing any of the dominant political economic structures. 

The vision has captured the mainstream and the green economy has become the watchword of many global, national and local organizations.

There is, however, quite some resistance to this new hegemony, amongst others from grassroots movements like Occupy and many NGOs and academics. Critics fear that by not tackling the broader political economic power structures of late capitalism, the fate of the ‘green economy’ as currently conceptualized will be similar to that of ‘sustainable development’, namely a buzzword that ignites many activities and writings while in fact worsening global social inequalities and environmental degradation.

About the colloquium series

In 2012 the International Institute of Social Studies, the Society for International Development, and HIVOS jointly organized a colloquium series consisting of four regular colloquia (in March, June, October, and December), and a conference in November.

Speakers included Prof. Joan Martinez-Alier (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona) Dr. Ken MacDonald (University of Toronto), Esther Turnhout (Wageningen University), Jayati Ghosh (JNU), Ana Agostino (GCAP), Molly Scott Cato (Roehampton University), Larry Lohmann (Corner House, UK), Adrian de Groot Ruiz (True Price Initiative and Nijmegen University), Atila Roque (Amnesty International Brazil), Anita Nayar (DAWN), Anthony Bebbington (Clark University), and Daniel Chavez (Transnational Institute).

In 2013, ISS and SID are continuing the series, starting with a colloquium on 2 May by Anneleen Kenis and Matthias Lievens, authors of ‘De mythe van de groene economie’.

For whom?

The colloquia are meant for everyone interested in critically debating the concept and practices of the green economy, and are open to academics, policy-makers and staff from NGOs and companies, and the wider public.

First colloquium: 23 March 2012

Second colloquium: 12 June 2012

Third colloquium: 2 October 2012

Fourth colloquium: 19 and 20 November 2012

Fifth colloquium: 18 December 2012

Sixth colloquium: 2 May 2013