ISS research focuses on studying political, economic and social developments in Africa, Asia, Latin America, North Africa, the Middle East and transition economies. The Institute explores new developments in North-South and South-South relationships and the role of the BRICS countries, especially in relation to globalization and development.

Scientific integrity at ISS

To promote awareness of scientific integrity, all EUR researchers are expected to have signed a Declaration of Integrity.

By signing the declaration researchers endorse the principles of scrupulousness, trustworthiness, verifiability, impartiality and independence as formulated in the code of conduct of the Association of Universities (VSNU) in the Netherlands.

Declaration of Scientific Integrity by ISS academics

For ISS a more elaborate coda was composed for the field of Development Studies, on the basis of discussions amongst academic staff during and after a research ethics workshop held in October 2014.

Download the declaration of scientific integrity which is signed by all ISS academic staff and PhD researchers.

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