Staff, Post-docs & PhD researchers

Academic staff

Arjun Bedi Arjun Bedi, Professor of Development Economics
 Peter van Bergeijk Peter van Bergeijk, Professor of International Economics/Macroeconomics
 Rolph van der Hoeven Rolph van der Hoeven, Professor, Employment and Development Economics
 Syed Mansoob Murshed Syed Mansoob Murshed, Professor of the Economics of Conflict and Peace. Professor of International Economics at the Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham, 2004- onwards, Honorary Fellow of the Centre for the Study of Civil War at the Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO).
 Howard Nicholas Howard Nicholas, Senior Lecturer in Economics

Elissaios Papyrakis, Senior Lecturer in Economics
 Lorenzo Pellegrini Lorenzo Pellegrini, Senior Lecturer in Development Economics
Matthias Rieger, Assistant Professor
 Irene van Staveren Irene van Staveren, Professor of Pluralist Development Economics and Professor of Economics and Christian Ethics, Radboud University of Nijmegen

Rob Vos, Endowed Professor of Finance and Development

Natascha Wagner

Natascha Wagner, Lecturer in Economics


Martí Orta, Post-doctoral researcher


Mariana Walter, Post-doctoral researcher


Sofia Trommlerova, Post-doctoral researcher

PhD researchers

Rakesh Adhin

The issue of de-dollarization in Suriname.

Iman kamel

Civil Service Corruption in Egypt: Causes and solutions.

Amrita Datta


Gloria Otieno

Impact of EU Standards on Kenya’s Horticultural Exports.

Zelalem Yilma Debebe

On the welfare implications of ill-health and the role of community based health insurance in Ethiopia.

Wameq Azfar Raza

Gauging the impact of Community Based Health Insurance in India.

Djalita Fialho de Oliveira Ramos

Deals with differentiation in the special treatment of developing countries focusing on Cape Verde.

Rafaela Rigoni

Public health and public order: tackling drug use in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Porto Alegre (Brazil).

William Orie

The nature and causes of access to finance difficulties for firms in Suriname. 

Blas Regnault

Natural Resources and Development:  Towards an Accounting Framework For Oil Exporting Economies.

Juan David Parra Heredia

The Political Economy of education in Colombian municipalities.

Muhammad Saleem


Eri Ikeda

Business cycles and their indicators in developing countries.

 Zahra Zarepour

 An investigation of the Subsidy Reform in Iran

Maazullah Khan 

Akhuwat Microfinance: Essays on Participation, Returns to Capital and Heterogeneity in Business Returns.

Muhammad Badiuzzman

Focuses on Livelihood decision making under shadow of conflict 

Anagaw Derseh Mebratie

On the effectiveness of community based health       insurance scheme in Ethiopia.

Koen Voorend

Welfare regimes, social policy and migration in Central America.

Farzana Aktar Misha

Evaluation of Social Programs for the Poor and Vulnerable in Bangladesh

Ricardo Real Pedrosa de Sousa

Focuses on the relationship between external interventions and conflict in Africa.

Selwyn Moons

The Impact of Economic Diplomacy on International Economic Flows

Sarah Zipp

Sport and human capability development of at risk adolescents in the Anglophone Caribbean.

Binyam Afewerk Demena

Focuses on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) productivity spillovers in Sub-Saharan African countries.

Zemzem Shigute Shuka

Analyzing the Ethiopian Productive Safety Net Program