About ICAS

The overarching theme of ICAS is ‘agrarian change’.

It binds scholars, activists and development practitioners coming from various disciplines and from all parts of the world.

What is ICAS?

More about ICAS

  • ICAS is a common ground, a common space for critical scholars, development practitioners and movement activists.
  • ICAS responds to the need for an initiative that builds and focuses on linkages.
  • ICAS advocates a mutually reinforcing co-production and mutually beneficial sharing of knowledge.
  • ICAS promotes critical thinking.
  • ICAS believes in and promotes engaged research and scholarship.


ICAS aims to contribute;

  1. To the production and dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge in agrarian change studies.
  2. To the forging of global knowledge networks for 'pro-poor agrarian change'.
  3. To the development of mutually reinforcing interactions around the issue of pro-poor agrarian change.


We carry out activities and initiatives that complement existing initiatives. Over the next few years, ICAS aims to develop innovative projects, including:


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