Paper publications

In addition to the book series, ICAS will also quickly move into producing, publishing and disseminating cutting-edge studies in a variety of paper formats.

Each paper will be:

  1. academically rigorous
  2. policy-oriented
  3. politically relevant In the future, we will attempt to publish all our paper publications in multiple languages, in order to reach a wider audience.

All papers, regardless of length, will be subjected to a double-blind peer review process. The authors of the papers will be diverse as well. The working papers can be written by the ICAS visiting fellows and ICAS research associates, as well as non-ICAS researchers. We will attempt to get the papers published in multiple languages.

ICAS Review Paper Series

The series will consist of full-length papers, specializing in literature survey and analytical ‘mapping’ papers. Papers in this series will be made available in several languages, including: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and others.