Alternative housing

Although the International Institute of Social Studies has some rental accommodation available, you are also free to make your own housing arrangements, for example if you want to bring your partner or family, want to live on your own or do not want to commit to a 12 month tenancy agreement.

However, just like other cities in the Netherlands, The Hague suffers from a serious shortage of student accommodation. Below you can find links to private rental agencies which may be able to help you find a room for the duration of your stay.

    Good connections are important. Many students find a room thanks to their connections. Change your name on Facebook in "[your name] is looking for a room in The Hague" and post a message or ad on your Facebook page. Also, use your other social media as: Google+, Twitter, etc. And take a look at: 

    It is also an option to find a room through brokers or commercial intermediaries. This accommodation is generally non‐furnished and may not include utility bills, taxes and internet charges. You usually pay mediation costs for these homes. We advise you to be critical! Please check that you are dealing with a reputable landlord before parting with your deposit.

    • Verra Real Estate: If you are looking for a individual house starting from € 750 p/month you can contact Verra Real Estate. Verra Real Estate is the preferred supplier of ISS/Erasmus University Rotterdam, and specializes in housing and relocation services for expats in the area of The Hague, Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam. 
    • Pararius 
    • Direct wonen
    • Funda 
    • Huurda 
    • Duinzigt 

    Furthermore, if you are looking for affordable, luxurious, fully furnished accommodation, The Social Hub may be a good choice. It is for stays from one day up to 12 months. It is a 25 walk or 10 minute cycle ride to ISS. Every room has a private bathroom, a desk, a flat screen TV, high speed internet and includes a bicycle. 

    Have you found an address, go see for yourself, and always take someone with you. Prepare in advance a list of points that you should look for: 

    • Is the landlord reliable? 
    • Do you have a private entrance? 
    • Is there heating, a sink, a toilet nearby? 
    • Can you cook in your room? 
    • What about (fire) safety? 
    • Can you register on this address at The Hague municipality? (This is compulsory to register with the municipality.)
    • How long is the lease for? 
    • Read the contract very carefully before you sign and make sure you understand everything in it.

    Check carefully what is included in the rent and what is not. Do not forget the additional costs: 

    • Heating, water, electricity 
    • Subscription internet connection, cable and telephone
    • Municipal taxes 
    • Insurance, be sure to ask for a contents insurance 
    • Service charge (cleaning and lighting in common areas) 
    • Make sure that tax is really inclusive. And not only water, gas, and light, but also council tax, internet and TV.

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