Research themes

The International Institute of Social Studies has identified four cross-cutting themes which integrate the Institute's research efforts. The four themes reflect our research strengths and are at the heart of important international political and societal debates.

Our four cross-cutting themes

Our themes reflect ISS commitment to critical and socially engaged research

The four themes are at the heart of important political and societal debates that are taking place both in Europe and globally.

By focusing on these themes, ISS aims to provide analyses of migration, conflict, climate change and inequality that reflect out commitment to critical and socially engaged academic research.

Social Protection and Inequality research theme

Reducing poverty and vulnerability

Social protection and inequality research

Environment and Climate Change research theme

Conserving natural resources for sustainable development

Environment and climate change research

Conflict and Peace research theme

Why and how conflicts occur and how to achieve peace

Conflict and peace research

Migration and Diversity research theme

The transformations of national societies and global society

Migration and diversity research