PhD programme

ISS offers a four-year programme leading to the internationally recognized degree of Doctor. Since the inception of the programme in the 1980s, ISS has awarded 200 PhD degrees. All PhD researchers are firmly embedded in ISS' research programme. Since joining Erasmus University in Rotterdam 2009, ISS PhD researchers now receive an Erasmus University PhD Degree.

125 PhD researchers

About 125 researchers from 53 countries are enrolled in the PhD programme. Most of them are at work in their own office in the ISS building, refining their research proposal, based on one of the ISS’s research themes, or conducting a literature search, or they are in the final phase of writing their thesis. Those in the second year of the programme are away doing fieldwork. Researchers benefit from access to a multidisciplinary faculty working on different aspects of development problems, combined with fieldwork under local guidance and with institutional support.  

The dissertation writing exercise was probably the best thing that I ever did in my life.
Moushira Elgeziri
ISS PhD graduate from Lebanon.
Why do your PhD at ISS? about Moushira Elgeziri

Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Humanities

During your PhD programme you will follow courses and workshops, and attended conferences. All of this is geared towards enhancing your research and networking skills. Many of these events are coordinated by the Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Humanities (EGSH). These activities provide an opportunity to interact with PhD candidates from other Erasmus University departments and, in return, stimulate you to look beyond your own project and actively engage with different perspectives.

200 PhD graduates at ISS

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If you have any questions about doing your PhD at the International Institute of Social Studies, please contact the PhD support team.