ISS Alumni Fund

ISS established the ISS Alumni Fund in 2012. The aim of this fund is to provide financial support to talented prospective students so that we can enable them to study at ISS and develop into future-generation change agents. 

Why an alumni fund?

Studying at ISS can have a major impact on a career and personal life. So many young people from all over the world, especially from countries in development, would like to have that experience. Some of them are lucky to get hold of funds but others are not. Through the fund we are able to help some of them and make their dream come true.

How to donate?

The ISS Alumni Fund has been set up as a specific fund within the Erasmus Trust Fund - a recognized charitable organization in the Netherlands (see their website).

You can donate to the ISS Alumni Fund in two ways:

  1. Via an online donation
  2. Via direct bank transfer to the Erasmus Trust Fund

Erasmus Trust Fund in Rotterdam

Please include your name and mention ISS Alumni Fund when you make your payment.


The ISS Alumni Fund has its own board, consisting of two ISS alumni and the ISS Deputy Rector Educational Affairs.

Professor Dr. Marcel Brus (Chair)Professor of Public International Law, University of Groningen. Studied at ISS in 1985/1986, Diploma in International Law and Development
Bernardo Solano Forero MA

Partner at BaseFirma, international consultancy firm. Studied at ISS in 1984/1985, MA in Labour and Development

Dr Freek SchiphorstDeputy Rector Educational Affairs

Contact the alumni office

Email address
+31 704260 414

PO Box 29776
2502 LTThe Hague

If you have any questions, or you want to arrange a personal donation, please contact the Director Alumni Relations, Sandra Nijhof.