Engagement and Impact

The International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) strives to find solutions to today’s global problems. To this end, we nurture the co-creation of excellence, and the sharing of knowledge and best practices. By bringing people, organizations, ideas and insights together in a multi-disciplinary setting, ISS develops, fosters and promotes critical thinking, and conducts excellent and innovative research in response to society’s needs.

ISS engages and impacts through its collaborations with various institutions, both internationally and locally, to engage with society and so find solutions to today’s global problems. Check out some examples of how we do this:

Local and international collaborations to find solutions to global problems

Researching the impacts of Covid-19 in The Hague

Encouraging and formalizing collaboration between ISS and other societal actors in The Hague

Local Engagement Facility ISS and The Hague

Black Lives Matter - message from ISS students

Message of solidarity with #Black Lives Matter from ISS MA students

Read ISS students' Black Lives Matter message

Return migration to Syria: Voices of refugees in Germany and Syria

Interviews with 577 Syrian refugees

Download the infographic

Can oil extraction lead to development?

One-pager about the damage caused by oil extraction in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Download and read the one-pager

Researchers at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) work on finding responses to today’s global challenges. Amongst others by using a critical approach, co-creating knowledge with different actors and sharing our findings. The Research InSightS page highlights ISS research projects and publications.

Have a glimpse of the researches developed by ISS below at the ISS Research page. 

Research InSightS

Finding responses to today’s global challenges

ISS research highlights