Research groups

Operating within the framework of the research programme Global Development and Social Justice, and contributing to the overall research objectives of the institute, four research groups bring together senior academic staff, post-docs and PhD researchers for day-to day interaction and the discussion of research plans and output.

Together, the four research groups mobilize the intellectual capital that is present at the institute for research activities that are undertaken by staff within or across the groups, depending on the nature of the research topic at hand.

The four research groups reflect the diversity of research at ISS in terms of research foci and methodological approaches.

Civic Innovation

Co-creating diverse forms of knowledge

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Zimbabwe economic trauma

Development Economics

Transitioning to a higher level of economic and human development

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Understanding intersections of climate change policies, land grabs and conflict in fragile states - MOSAIC

Political Ecology

Investigating how resource scarcities are created and contested

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Boys on road in Somalia

Governance, Law and Social Justice

Does governance help or hinder social justice?

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