ISS organization chart (January 2023)

Institute Board

Responsible to the EUR Executive Board, the Institute Board forms the daily management of ISS.

The IB is composed of:

The IB is supported by an Institute Director

Institute Council

The Institute Council is the representative body of the Institute's staff and students. It has the right of approval, advice and other rights on matters specifically related to the Institute and to competences delegated to the Rector, including matters provided for under the Dutch Law on Higher Education and the Erasmus University Rotterdam Rules & Regulations.


The Institute Council consists of 10 members: 6 staff members (at least 2 of which are support staff and 2 faculty), 2 MA students and 2 PhD researchers.

Staff members are elected for a period of 3 years starting on 1 September. Student members are elected for a period of one year starting on 1 December. For PhD researchers this is renewable for one period.

Advisory Board

The Institute is managed by the Institute Board with advice from the Advisory Board which periodically advises the Institute Board on matters of scientific strategy, the Institute's mission and identity.

The ISS Advisory Board consists of:

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