Engagement with ISS Alumni

ISS has an extensive alumni network of 13000+ former students in more than 150 countries. By engaging closely with alumni, ISS strengthens its position within the global society, facilitates contact opportunities between students, staff and alumni, and receives support and input from active alumni, whether regarding advice, research cooperation, capacity development or promoting the ISS brand. Moreover, ISS provides post-graduation services such as refresher courses.

What does ISS offer after graduation?

  • Knowledge (through newsletters and DevISSues magazine)
  • Networks (Social networks such as FB and LinkedIn and regional alumni meetings)
  • Life long learning (Sources, refresher courses)
  • Career support (Vacancies)

ISS alumni and their careers

Find a great overview of 2,500 ISS alumni in LinkedIn: Where they live, Where they work and What they do. Easy to make selections and find the people you are interested in.

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