Diversity and Inclusion

ISS students and alumni in Butterfly Bar

Forming a compassionate community

The ISS Diversity and Inclusion Team aims to embrace and support every member within the broader ISS community of students, staff and researchers to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to value all members and their contributions in research, education and work practices.

      Our commitments

      • CREATE VISIBILITY  Create visibility of the issues of diversity and inclusion to help the larger community embrace these issues and eventually normalize them.
      • ISSUE BROKERING  Receive and translate issues so that the larger community can become properly informed and address them accordingly.
      • COMMUNITY FORUM  Create a community forum where ISS members can start engaging with each other and address diversity and inclusion issues.
      • STUDENT VOICE  Welcome and facilitate student initiatives and associations regarding diversity and inclusion.
      • COMPASSIONATE ACTION  Encouraging community members to make informed, compassionate and diligent action to enhance the ISS community.
      • PROVIDE RESOURCES  Help facilitate access to resources that can enhance diversity and inclusion knowledge and skill development.

      Our work in inclusion as a community

      The Diversity and Inclusion Team is currently working on, or developing, the following tasks:

      • Inclusivity workshops with faculty, staff and PhD researchers
      • Community-led dialogue and forums
      • Alumni-led research on diversity and inclusion at ISS
      • Creative videos and storytelling from the ISS Community 

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