Fees and Costs

Tuition fees

Take a look at our study fees and make your own comparisons with other centres for research and education in the social sciences.

MA Programme*

€ 17,500 

PhD Programme**


*The fees for visa and health insurance are not included in the tuition fee for the MA programme.
* The fees are the same for EU and Non-EU students.
**PhD applicants who will be relying on their own funding for performing their research, may apply for a reduction or waiver of the PhD tuition fee. Please contact admission@iss.nl.

To take an MA course as auditor will cost you €250,- per ECTS credit. Have a look at the table below for an indication of other fees and costs.

Financial Overview: MA in Development Studies 2019-2020

Tuition fee (in total)€ 17,500
Immigration fees*€      192
Health insurance premium incl. administration costs**€     640

Living expenses for the duration of the programme, in accordance with the basic

standard of living in the Netherlands (€ 900 per person per month) for 16 months***

€ 14,400



Total costs

€ 32,732

* Not for EU residents.
**Please note that health insurance is obligatory under Dutch law. ISS arranges insurance for all its students, unless you can prove that you have your own insurance with world coverage.
***Does not apply to EU students.

Estimated Costs of Living

Costs of living are approximately € 900/month, based on a moderate standard of living for students in the Netherlands.

The biggest expenses are the accommodation costs which are approximately €530/month. More information is available on the accommodation page.

Other costs include visa costs, immigration fees and any additional funds spent on the MA programme.

Students can download a detailed financial statement when they are notified of their acceptance at ISS. All fees must be paid before the start of the programme.

The amounts indicated here are for information purposes only and are not intended to be binding on the ISS in any way. ISS reserves the right to change any fees or other costs without notice.

Need a print out of this overview? Download the document below.