Eugen Pusić

Eugen Pusić

Eugen Pusić (1916-2010) was born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1916 and studied there at the Faculty of Law, receiving his doctorate in 1939. From 1955 to the mid 1960s, Pusić was a Lecturer and Extraordinary Professor in Zagreb’s Faculty of Law. He was actively involved in the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, holding posts such as the Director of the Juraj Križanić Cabinet of Legal, Political and Social Sciences and Secretary and 
Member of the Presidency, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Outside of Croatia, Pusić lectured at the University of Manchester (1963), University of California at Berkeley (1969), University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (1972) and was a Fellow at the Institute of Social Studies and the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford.

Pusić served as an expert at the United Nations on several occasions, providing advice on social affairs and welfare. Pusić won many awards for his contributions to the disciplines of social policy and organizational behaviour. The Institute of Social Studies awarded its honorary doctorate to Eugen Pusić in 1962.

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