Manfred Lachs

Manfred H. Lachs (April 21, 1914 Stanislav/Ivano-Frankivs'k, Austrian Galicia - January 14, 1993) was a Polish diplomat and jurist who greatly influenced in the development of international law after World War II. He attended the Cracow Jagiellonian University where he earned a doctorate in Law (1937). Right after his studies, he started working for the Consular Academy of Vienna and afterwards in the London School of Economics. Lachs was drafted into the army and throughout his military service he was advisor to the Polish government.

A judge of the International Court of Justice for twenty-six years - and a past President (1973-1976) – he served longer than anyone else on the Court. Before his election to the Court in 1966, he played a leading role in the major international legal organs of the United Nations.

Judge Manfred H. Lachs received numerous honours from all over the world, including a Honorary Fellowship at the Institute of Social Studies in 1982. After his death, the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot was named in his honour.

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