Student Support Fund

Emergency fund for students
Students gather to chat, eat and meet in the ISS lobby

Established in 1975, this small emergency fund (an voluntary and autonomous body) supports students at ISS who find themselves in financial difficulties due to circumstances beyond their control.

The Foundation Student Support Fund (SSH after its Dutch title Stichting Studenten Hulpfonds), provides financial assistance (sometimes substantial, sometimes small; sometimes in the form of a gift, sometimes in the form of a loan) to ISS students and PhD researchers in need thus enabling them to continue and complete their studies.

Support during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be such an extraordinary circumstance that last year SSH had to support 14 PhD researchers. Reasons varied from erosion of savings due to depreciation of their local currencies, default of national sponsor or loss of extra income generating opportunities due to the restrictions imposed to curb the pandemic.

However, SSH is small and receives its funds from voluntary contributions only. Several ISS staff members make regular donations to SSH, and last year, all staff responded warmly to renewed requests for extra donations. Due to the prolonged effects of the pandemic, SSH is in dire need of financial contributions; without extra input it will find it increasing difficult to continue its work.

How you can help

Donations are welcome from ISS alumni and others who support the International Institute of Social Studies.

You can transfer your donation to the SSH bank account.

Name: 'Stichting Studenten Hulp Fonds I.S.S.'
IBAN: NL07RABO0316909890
Bank: Rabo Bank
Bank address: Croeselaan 18, 3521 CB, Utrecht, NL
BIC: RABONL2U (if the required BIC has 11 digits, the BIC is RABONL2UXXX)

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