Women and Gender studies

The Women and Gender Studies specialization offers advanced interdisciplinary insights into the intricate interplay between material realities and discursive constructions of gendered inequalities and transformative activism. Grounded in critical inquiry, this specialization lays the groundwork for analytical and reflective discourse concerning the nexus between knowledge production in the social sciences, development studies, and the dynamics of gendered power relations.

Central to this specialization is a critical examination of the concepts of gender, encompassing both femininities and masculinities, within the context of development. It centers on the processes through which feminist knowledge is generated, exploring diverse frameworks and their epistemological, ontological, and methodological implications for feminist inquiry, research methodologies, and interventions in development discourse.

Moreover, the specialization delves into the intersections of gender with other social relations, unraveling the complex embedding of gender within institutional structures and their evolution. It offers a comprehensive exploration of gendered processes, patterns, and the policy ramifications of globalization, socioeconomic restructuring, and poverty, while critically evaluating various social protection policies.

Additionally, it scrutinizes development policies, dialogues, and approaches concerning reproductive health, sexuality, rights, and empowerment, shedding light on the multifaceted dimensions of these issues.

A focal point of this specialization lies in examining the dynamic interplay between knowledge production and power dynamics, elucidating how gender politics shape policy landscapes and inform strategies of resistance and social change.

Courses and readings

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