Humanitarian safety & security: Risks, entanglements and protection

Humanitarian Governance seminar
PhD student
Iida-Maria Tammi
Assistant professor
Wednesday 29 Nov 2023, 13:00 - 14:00
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Jan van der Wolf

In this Humanitarian Governance seminar, PhD candidate, Iida-Maria Tammi and Dr Rodrigo Mena will explore safety and security for humanitarian workers, researchers and partners.

Iida-Maria Tammi will delve into her recently released research into the risks posed by insecurity for humanitarian actors in conflict environments. Her work looks into the case study of emergency relief workers in the Syrian Civil War (2012-2020) and discusses how governance structures (‘entanglements’) can affect the safety of people working in a humanitarian context.


Iida-Maria Tammi is a doctoral researchers at the University of Helsinki. She explores the nexus between international humanitarianism, security, and violence with a particular interest in the ways that the everyday practices of aid work not only resist, but also enable and possibly even produce physical and epistemic violence.

Dr Rodrigo Mena is Deputy Director of the Humanitarian Studies Centre at ISS and the coordinator of the Safety & Security Research Initiative. He works on research safety and security, understanding the everyday risks and practices of researchers. He is the author of the 'Guidelines for Fieldwork Research' and the course leader of the 'Safety and Security for Fieldworkers' training course.

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About the Hum-Gov webinar series

The Humanitarian Governance (Hum-Gov) research project explores the changing dynamics of humanitarian governance in DRC, Ethiopia and Colombia, with a focus on civil society actors and crisis-affected people.

During our regular Hum-Gov Webinar series, guest speakers will contribute with different perspectives around humanitarian governance, accountability, advocacy and alternatives.

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