Reproductive violence in international criminal law

Hybrid conference exploring violations of reproductive autonomy
Tuesday 11 Jun 2024, 09:00 - 17:00
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International Institute of Social Studies
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The International Institute of Social Studies is co-hosting a one-day conference with legal practitioners, scholars, activists and survivors for a comprehensive exploration of reproductive violence and its adjudication within the existing international criminal law (ICL) framework.

Why a conference on reproductive violence?

Violations of reproductive autonomy and reproductive health are garnering increased attention in international law. This conference on strategies to effectively understand, investigate and prosecute reproductive violence aims to:

  • Highlight the full spectrum of reproductive violence, encouraging a holistic understanding that bridges explicitly recognized crimes and those prosecuted under broader ICL categories;
  • Promote interdisciplinary dialogue between legal professionals, academics, activists and survivors to integrate diverse insights and perspectives on reproductive violence; 
  • Facilitate opportunities for attendees to meet key players on addressing reproductive violence, promote ongoing dialogue and post-conference collaboration;
  • Explore innovative strategies and legal tools to strengthen justice and accountability for reproductive violence survivors; 
  • Discuss potential enhancements to the ICL framework to more comprehensively address reproductive violence.

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