Addressing the deadly impacts of heatwaves in Europe – The European Union Must Do More

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Post on ISS blog BlISS by Shellan Saling and Sylvia I. Bergh on the European Union's response to a recent heatwave in Europe. 

This year in June and July (and into this month of August), a global heatwave led to an increase in deaths and natural disasters. Several European countries were largely impacted, including the Netherlands, France, Portugal, and Spain.

In this post, Shellan Saling and Sylvia I. Bergh review the European Union’s (EU) policy response to heatwaves, and argue for a more active role for the EU in coordinating national efforts to develop heat-health action plans (HHAPs).  

Read the full blogpost: 'Addressing the deadly impacts of heatwaves in Europe – The European Union Must Do More'


Shellan Saling

Recent ISS MA graduate majoring in Governance and Development Policy. Her research paper was on climate adaptation policies, specifically on national heat-health action plans and heat-health policy within the EU.


Sylvia I. Bergh

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