Another top priority in times of crisis: keep democratic life up and running

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In her post, ISS PhD researcher, Isabelle Desportes argues that the authoritative measures introduced by governments around the world to deal with the coronavirus crisis need to be counterbalanced by active citizens who continue to uphold democratic life and question even these measures.

She argues that authoritarian dangers are not only a concern for far-away countries long labelled as ‘hopeless pariah states’, as European attempts to halt the spread of the virus are showing us.

She urges us all to keep our democracies alive and ensure that institutions are held accountable for the decisions they take now.

This crisis can be a political turning point, and it is for all of us to make that future a desirable one.

Read the full post - COVID-19 - Another top priority in times of crisis: keep democratic life up and running

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Isabelle Desportes
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