Art, violent conflict and displacement

A panel on Art, violent conflict and displacement at the Peace and Conflict Studies in Anthropology 7th Conference that took place at the Queen's University in Belfast (3-5 October 2019).

Katarzyna Grabska, Assistant professor at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) and Cindy Horst, PRIO research professor, organized this panel which built on the workshop that Grabska organized in February 2019 at ISS on the links between arts and social sciences, and the role of art in studying belonging in the context of forced mobility. 

The panel focused on the role of arts and artists who work in the context of conflict-ridden societies in instigating transformation.

The panelists

Mirjam de Bruijn, History Institute and ASCL, Leiden University

Gillian Howell and Solveig Korum

Tani H. Sebro, Assistant Professor, Humboldt University, USA

Sara Christophersen, Peace Research Institute Oslo/University of Oslo, Norway

Cindy Horst, PRIO

Katarzyna Grabska, ISS