Brazilian democracy – an aberration or a challenge?

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What should we make of the recent invasion of government offices in Brasilia? Is it an indication of the fragility of Brazil's democracy or is it simply part of the country's evolution to democracy?

Dr Lee Pegler considers these questions in the latest post on ISS blog, BlISS.

The invasion of government offices in Brasília on 8 January by mobs of protestors and vandals forces us to revisit a fundamental question: is Brazil’s relatively recent move to democracy too fragile, or is this just part of its evolution?

The protestors’ support for a far-right politician who would prefer to see the demise of the country’s indigenous peoples (and others marginalized groups) points to their lack of understanding of democratic processes. The country’s hierarchical and exclusionary social structures and political processes also play a significant role in how and why things played out as they did.

In this post on ISS blog, BlISS, Dr Lee Pegler asks: 'Can these change?'

Read the full post: 'Brazilian democracy – an aberration or a challenge?', 19 January 2023

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