Chinese influence in the former Soviet Union border zone

As a result of China’s new ‘Silk Road’ stretching from China to Europe, with post-Soviet Central Asia forming a major knot, interactions between China and the post-Soviet societies, have multiplied.

The special issue ‘Encounters After the Soviet Collapse: The Contemporary Chinese Presence in the Former Soviet Union Border Zone’ studies this development.

The special issue in the journal Problems of Post-Communism is co-edited by ISS Associate Professor, Dr Oane Visser, Dr Irna Hofman (Oxford University) and Dr Artemy Kalinovsky (University of Amsterdam).

It focuses on encounters and perceptions between China and the states along its north-western border to provide deeper insights into the character and consequences of China's involvement in this post-Soviet border region.

Including Kazakh, Kyrgyz, and Tajik case studies, the special issue aims to show:

  • the diversity in scope, actors and modalities of involvement
  • the sometimes ambiguous goals and interests within China’s going out strategy in the region

At the same time, it aims to present a more close-up study of the responses of the population in the host states.

Associate professor
Associate Professor in Agrarian Studies
Dr Irna Hofman
Post-doctoral Research Associate
Associate professor
Dr Artemy) Kalinovsky
Senior Lecturer of East European Studies