Clarifying the effect of growth on gender equality in Pakistan

Article by Hadia Majid and Karin Astrid Siegmann in Feminist Economics
Female rural worker in Pakistan
Image by Younas Khan from Pixabay

Dr Hadia Majid and Dr Karin Astrid Siegmann seek to clarify the effect of growth on gender equality for the case of Pakistan, a country that has seen periods of high growth alongside the persistence of stark gender inequalities.

They find is that factors related to Pakistan’s gender order are very relevant to female employment.

Greater gender parity in education enables women to benefit from growth in the form of better employment access. The reverse is the case for improvements in relative women’s life expectancy, understood as indicative of their social status.

The paper interprets the related effect as a reduction in the precarity of women’s employment associated with improved status.

Read the full article online - 'The Effects of Growth on Women’s Employment in Pakistan'Feminist Economics

Associate professor
Dr Hadia Majid
Associate professor

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