Congratulations to Dr Anderson Macedo de Jesus on his successful PhD defence

With his thesis on values education in Brazil
Dr Anderson Macedo de Jesus holds his PhD diploma in this portrait photo. He wears a coral shirt and is draped doctorate graduate regalia
Dick de Jager

On 5 July 2024, Dr Anderson Macedo de Jesus successfully defended his PhD thesis exploring the efficacy and impact of values-driven education in Brazil.

He offers a detailed study of three distinct educational initiatives in various educational institutes in Brazil, assessing whether values-driven education can effectively alter the prioritization of values among students and, if so, under what conditions.

He finds that it can, though the impact is dependent on several factors including the level of parental involvement and the degree of integration of the values-driven programme into the school’s environment and culture. He further highlights the critical role of a student-centred approach in education, arguing for the necessity of embedding such programmes within a comprehensive and holistic educational framework.

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Dr Anderson Macedo de Jesus delivers the introduction of his dissertation in front of his graduation commission.

ISS PhD defence by Dr Anderson Macedo de Jesus

Values education in Brazil: A study of three educational initiatives focused on values formation

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