Congratulations to Gina Ledda on the succesful defence of her PhD thesis

Heterogeneous participation of developing countries in global value chains
Dr Gina Ledda

On 19 October 2023, Gina Ledda successfully defended her PhD thesis investigating the heterogeneous participation of developing countries in global value chains.

Focusing on the engagement of the Philippines in such cross-border production networks, she examined this diversity in participation through qualitative and quantitative research methods.

The chapters in thesis explored four dimensions of heterogeneous global value chain participation in a progressive order:

  1. The impact of global value chain participation on firm productivity in developing and advanced countries using meta-regression analysis.
  2. The performance in manufacturing global value chains of five East Asian developing countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam) by means of gross and value added trade indicators.
  3. The participation of the Philippines in global manufacturing and service value chains through Constant Value Added Share analysis.
  4. A case study on the participation and opportunities for upgrading the Philippine video game production industry using the Global Value Chain framework.

Read Gina's thesis

The thesis, 'Heterogeneous participation of developing countries in global value chains', will shortly be available for download from the ISS Library.

Photos of the defence

A visual reminder of Gina's defence

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PhD defence by Gina Ledda

PhD defence by Gina Ledda


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