Congratulations to Kim Tung Dao on her successful PhD defence

The Holy Triad? Religion, globalization and sustainable development
Kim Tung Dao

On 8 February 2024, Kim Tung Dao successfully defended her thesis on the interrelationships between development, globalization and religion, highlighting the heterogeneity of signs, sizes and causal directions of those relationships.

She argued that because development, globalization and religion have always been deeply rooted in human nature, their relations offer a complicated research puzzle.

This is further complicated by the fact that globalization and (sustainable) development are multidimensional in nature and by the fact that the fuzzy concept of (non)religion is, to a large extent, subjective and based on self-reporting.

Her research focused on:

  1. The significant gap in the history of economic thought on international trade that by and large neglects thinkers and authors of Ancient Asia
  2. A first look at the empirical relation between religion and globalization, focusing on the direction of religion.
  3. The multidimensional concept. sustainable development.
  4. An analysis of the direct and indirect effects that religion has on sustainable development.

Photos of the defence

Take a look at some photos taken during the defence

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PhD defence Kim Tung Dao

PhD defence Kim Tung Dao

The Holy Triad? Religion, globalization, and sustainable development

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