Congratulations to our latest PhD graduate, Dr Yazid Zahda

Successful PhD defence on 18 January 2024
Yazid Zahda
Dr Yazid Zahda

On 18 January 2024, Yazid Zahda successfully defended his PhD research examining the emergence of the Palestinian National Development Plans (NDPs) from 1994 to 2023 to understand neoliberalism in the unique context of Palestine.

During his defence he offered a critical and comprehensive analysis of neoliberalism in Palestine using three lenses:

  • the variegated neoliberalization thesis (VNLT) (Brenner, Peck et al. 2010)
  • Critical Realism (CR) (Bhaskar 1979)
  • the Morphogenetic Approach (MA) (Archer 1995)

He argued that the NDPs represent the tip of the iceberg of the neoliberalization processes that started with the Oslo Accords and subsequent neoliberal interventions of international and local actors.

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PhD defence Yazid Zahda

PhD defence Yazid Zahda

Palestine: A case of neoliberalization. The nature and implications of Palistinian national development plans (1994-2023) - cover PhD thesis by Yazid Zahda

Palestine: A case of neoliberalization: The nature and implications of Palestinian national development plans (1994-2023)

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