DevISSues Vol. 22, No. 1
Covid-19: A collusion of crises, a menu of solutions?

Covid-19: A collusion of crises, a menu of solutions?

With the global coronavirus pandemic still not under control, this DevISSues looks at economic, social and health consequences of Covid-19.

Our themed articles include an analysis of Ethiopia which, whilst poorly resourced, acted fast and brought in various measures and partners so that the impact is, as yet, low, a piece on the effects on sex workers, and a study on the indigenous of the Amazon illustrating how the threat of the virus has simply added to food insecurities, livelihood and governance/political fragilities.

In this issue, unlike previous issues, our other features also deal with the current corona crisis. We have a staff-student discussion with Professor Irene van Staveren and MA student Vincenzo D'Eligio in which they discuss the economic consequences and also draw parallels and distinctions with the 2008 economic crisis.

And Dr Helen Hintjens, in the Focus on ISS feature, looks at how corona impacted on teaching at ISS.

Even the Student Life photo collage is made up of photos taken by students as they deal with teaching, learning and socializing within the context of the corona lockdown.

Astrid van Egmond: 'The picture shows my work station, I always have a cup of tea next to me and I try to have a healthy snack as well. Furthermore, surrounding myself with plants and bright, light colours helps me to stay motivated and relaxed'.