Critical development studies - Valedictory by Des Gasper

Professor Des Gasper

On Thursday 31 October Professor Des Gasper delivered his valedictory lecture entitled: ‘Making strange’ and other interpretive skills in critical development studies'.

In his well-attended and inspiring lecture, Des Gasper argued that critical development studies has great roles to play in a world of ongoing changes, achievements, failings and dangers.

He outlined the relevance and use of some tools of interpretive and discourse analysis. We further argued that we need methods that help us to 'make strange', in looking both at texts and at social realities; so that we see them afresh, independently and with curiosity, and start to discern better their and our own ethical blindspots

Des Gasper at ISS

Des Gasper worked at ISS for 36 years and inspired many students as some quotes show: ‘He shaped my critical thinking & understanding of policy matters from broader perspective inclusive language. His contribution is immeasurable’,  ‘Des Gasper inspired me into something else. His thinking is from another planet’.