Cum Laude graduation for Louis Thiemann

For his PhD on a class theory on non-capitalism
Louis Thiemann PhD

On 30 June 2022, Louis Thiemann graduated with a distinction for his PhD thesis 'The Third Class: Artisans of the world, unite?'

In his thesis, Louis Thiemann proposed a class theory of non-capitalism, aiming to connect a variety of labour formations and (re-)productive processes.

He argued that this is necessary because the integrative terms offered by class theories of capitalism are lacking for non-capitalism, imposing unnecessary boundaries for the rich empirical insights, organizational recipes and political tactics developed by non-exploitative labour formations everywhere.

He introduced an analysis of the artisanat as a general class of labour, with labour processes unfolding in relative autonomy, providing livelihoods rather than jobs.

Photos and video of the defence

Take a look at some photos taken during the defence.

The video recording of Louis' defence introduction will be available shortly.

Rewatch Louis' defence introduction

PhD defence Louis Thiemann


Louis Thiemann

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