Cum Laude PhD defence for Aleksandra Piletić

On 17 September 2020, Aleksandra Piletić graduated Cum Laude from the International Institute of Social Studies with her thesis 'Varieties of Urban Capitalism: A Multiscalar Analysis of Neoliberal Restructuring in and Through New York City, Johannesburg and Stockholm'

The overarching dilemma of her dissertation is one that permeates most discussions on capitalist diversity: is it possible to account for both contextual specificity and the interrelation and interconnectedness of different capitalist contexts? And if so, how?

She focuses on three different cities – New York, Johannesburg and Stockholm – which have been selected because they exhibit considerable divergences amongst each other and are embedded within very different capitalist economies on the national scale (with correspondingly divergent forms of insertion into the global economy).

Video and photos of the graduation

Here are some photos taken of the event which was conducted almost entirely online.

Aleksandra Piletić PhD defence

Aleksandra Piletić PhD defence

Download the thesis

The full thesis will be available from the ISS Library

English and Dutch abstracts are available below.