Economic diplomacy and commercial interests

Professor Peter van Bergeijk and ISS PhD graduate Selwyn Moons have published Research Handbook on Economic Diplomacy: Bilateral Relations in a Context of Geopolitical Change.

The book positions economic diplomacy as a multidisciplinary field and presents state of the art research relevant to policy makers and academia around the globe focusing on four themes: the role of economic diplomats, the impact and evaluation of economic diplomacy, politics and trade and emerging markets.

Published by Edward Elgar Publishing, the Handbook offers academic, business and policy perspectives taking stock of knowledge produced with qualitative and quantitative research on Northern America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Over 30 leading experts from developed and developing countries, industrial nations and emerging economies have come together to form a global view of economic diplomacy. Representing a move away from Euro-centric books on the topic, this Handbook uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative research to explore how state visits, embassies and economic sanctions are being increasingly used as forms of diplomacy.

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BLISS, the ISS blog, has published a post about this book.

Peter van Bergeijk and Selwyn Moons discuss their Economic Diplomay Handbook

Economic Diplomacy Handbook

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More information about the book is on the Edward Elgar website - Research Handbook on Economic Diplomacy Bilateral Relations in a Context of Geopolitical Change