The effect of the economic crisis in Ecuador on children's well-being

Article by Jimena Pacheco and Natascha Wagner
Ecuador flag

This paper by PhD researcher Jimena Pacheco and Dr Natascha Wagner provides evidence of the lasting effects of the 1999 economic crisis in Ecuador on children's well-being. They find that for children born during the crisis the negative repercussions are still observable more than 10 years after macroeconomic recovery.

Their research assessed the long-term impacts on children's health and education. They find that children born during the 1999 recession in Ecuador are smaller and enjoy fewer years of schooling that children born in other years, with girls more negatively affected than boys.

Their results suggest that policy interventions in response to (economic) crices should be extended beyond macroeconomic recovery to counteract long-term, micro-level consequences.

Read the article online - 'Long-term impacts of an early childhood shock on human capital: Evidence from the 1999 economic crisis in Ecuador', Health Economics, July 2023

PhD student
Professor Natascha Wagner

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