Explore research from policy experts, think tanks, and NGOs in our Policy Commons trial

The University Library provides trial access to Policy Commons until 30 September. Policy Commons is a one-stop platform for objective, fact-based research from the world’s leading policy experts, nonpartisan think tanks, IGOs and NGOs.

Policy Commons harvest reports, blogposts, working papers, articles, datasets, and more from thousands of policy organizations from around the world. The platform provides access to more than 25 million pages of curated, high quality output. This includes publications from more than 350 defunct and inactive think tanks, and exclusive historical content dating as far back as 1920. Over 7,300 topics are covered, including COVID-19, education trends, sustainable development, climate change, Black Lives Matter, healthcare delivery, nuclear policy, gender equality, racial fairness, and Brexit.

Besides exploring the largest collection of policy content ever gathered into one place, you can also use Policy Commons to check the Organization Directory of 16,600 policy organizations.

Please inform us if you think the University Library should provide access to the Policy Commons beyond September 2021.

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Questions? Contact Frea Haandrikman (Faculty Liaison Social Sciences)

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