Export competitiveness is key for productivity in East Africa

Tanzania Trade Capacity Building Programme - REPOA - harbour

This is one of the findings expounded by Donald Mmari and Binyam Demena in their research into productivity gains of private firms.

Productivity development is a key issue for export-driven growth and development.

A research team headed by Dr Donald Mmari (Principal Researcher and the Executive Director at REPOA) and Dr Binyam Demena of the International Institute of Social Studies investigates productivity gains of private firms in Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia and DR Congo.

Their working paper Productivity premia and firm heterogeneity in Eastern Africa reports a significant export productivity premium for national manufacturing firms and services. An important finding is that training programmes are necessary to create a export premium in manufacturing sectors.

Professor Peter van Bergeijk gave a short presentation on this topic to the Tanzania Economists Forum, a part of which you can watch below.

Productivity premia and firm heterogeneity in Eastern Africa

This research is part of the REPOA-ISS research project on the Tanzania Trade Capacity Building programme

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