'Financial services in the EU: Is there a problem of financial exclusion?' by Mahmoud Meskoub

ISS Working paper No. 638


This study explores the link between the EU Social Investment Package and availability, access and use of financial services. There are two dimensions to ‘social investment’: the investment dimension refers to resources that need to be invested in order to increase welfare and capabilities of the population, whilst the social dimension is about society’s collective effort for raising such investment as well as sharing in its benefits.

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About the author

Mahmoud Meskoub is senior lecturer at the International Institute of Social Studies (Erasmus University of Rotterdam), teaching and researching in areas of social policy and population studies. As an economist he taught for many years in the UK (at the universities of Leeds and London). His current research interests are in the area of economics of social policy and population ageing, migration and universal approach to social provisioning. His recent publications on MENA are related to social policy, the impact of recent financial crisis on the region, poverty and employment policies. He has acted as a consultant to ESCWA, ILO, UNFPA and the World Bank.