How can worker empowerment redress power imbalances?

Blog post by Dr Nandini Ramamurthy
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In this blog post, Nandini Ramamurthy looks into how different worker empowerment techniques and organizations can benefit and redress power imbalances.

In her post, Ramamurthy looks not only at traditional power imbalances between an owner and worker, but also gender imbalances.

She argues that digital initiatives in particular, can be used to counter gender-based discrimination and violence at work. She looks particularly at the case of garment factory workers in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, India.

Read the post on ISS blog BlISS - 'How upgrading the roles of Trade Unions can help to redress power imbalances – and not just between the worker and management', Nandini Ramawurthy. 11 January 2024.

Dr Nandini Ramamurthy
Senior research associate working on the Odisha migration study

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