How do urban professionals plan, manage and govern cities in emerging economies?

New book studying the actions and instruments they employ

This book investigates how approaches to urban management are shifting, indicating that urban governance is becoming increasingly important in dealing with issues such as climate change and social and economic inequalities in cities.

Edited by Dr Jan Fransen, Professor Meine Pieter van Dijk and Professor Jurian Edelenbos, Urban Planning, Management and Governance in Emerging Economies explores how urban professionals plan, manage and govern cities in emerging economies.

It offers rich international examples looking at housing, public space, water, climate change, the environment and economic development. Chapters showcase the changing role of urban professionals, with a particular focus on the dynamic social, cultural and economic transformations of cities in emerging economies. Exploring contemporary approaches to urban governance, contributors draw attention to the prevalence of smart cities, new forms of partnerships and just transitions in a changing urban landscape.


Dr Jan Fransen


Professor Meine Pieter van Dijk,