How solidarity and ‘social jealousy’ inform the reception of refugees in Indonesia

Article by Mahardhika Sjamsoe'oed Sadjad
Solidarity and social jealousy - Indonesia - hand mural
Dhika Sadjad

In this article, PhD researcher Mahardhika Sjamsoe’oed Sadjad looks at the particular themes of ‘solidarity and social jealousy’.

She argues that these emotions enable and motivate host societies to help refugees, while simultaneously limiting how much help refugees are allowed to expect or feel entitled to.

Part of a special issue of Third World Quarterly on emotions, affect and power, this article focuses on the reception of refugees in Indonesia. Sadjad argues that as refugees are forced to live indefinite periods of transit in Indonesia, they become increasingly susceptible to situated encounters with host societies.

Read the full article online - Mahardhika Sjamsoe’oed Sadjad (2021) Solidarity and ‘social jealousy’: emotions and affect in Indonesian host society’s situated encounters with refugees, Third World Quarterly

PhD student
Mahardhika Sjamsoe'oed Sadjad

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