How will the coronavirus affect the world economy?

In this online lecture, Professor Peter van Bergeijk discusses the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on international trade and investment.

In his lecture, Professor van Bergeijk examines 5 main points related to the economic consequences of the current pandemic.

1. Focus on impact on international trade and investment
2. Coronanomics (a few key economic principles)
3. Key data and stylized facts (introduction of data sources)
4. Before Corona: deglobalization 2.0
5. What will happen next to the world economy?

Corona and the World Economy - Peter van Bergeijk

Download the powerpoint accompanying the video


Professor Peter van Bergeijk

More information

Read also this article by Peter van Bergeijk in the Dutch Volkskrant newspaper about the effects of the corona pandemic on the global economy. (Unfortunately only available in Dutch)

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