A Human Security Perspective on Migration

Prince Claus Chair inaugural lecture by Prof. Ali Bilgic
Piet Gispen

Human security as a 'compass' to guide Europe through the 'storm' of security and external relations.

On 12 April 2018, Professor Ali Bilgiҫ delivered his inaugural lecture as Prince Claus Chairholder 2017-2019.

In his lecture he discusses the insecurity felt by both European citizens and migrants to Europe - the former fears how the borders are secured, the latter, the violence she faces during her migration. He argues that existing political structures dichotomise and perpetuate these two types of insecurity, thus creating what he terms 'a perfect storm' of instability and human mobility outside Europe, alongside rising xenophobia and economic problems within Europe.

His solution to this 'perfect storm' is to look at migration from a human security perspective, which reveals how security of European citizens and of migrants are inherently linked. He argues for rethinking Europe as a political community that pursues security of its citizens through securing migrants.

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The inaugural lecture is available online, download it now!

Prince Claus Chair in Development and Equity

The objective of the Prince Claus Chair is to continue the work of Prince Claus (1926-2002) in development and equity by establishing a rotating Chair. The objective is to advance research and teaching in the field of development and equity.

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