Imagining alternative research methods for social change

Workshop on Transformative Methodologies
Thijs Huizer
  • Who sets the research agenda, how and why?
  • How do we choose research methods in line with the social transformations we envisage?

These were two of the questions that participants of a workshop on 'Transformative methodologies' engaged with during the recent Design Impact Transition Platform event.

Based on their project contributions, Richard Toppo and Karin Astrid Siegmann gave this workshop as a contribution to the Erasmus University’s Design Impact Transition (DIT) Platform’s annual networking event, the DIT Day 2022.

Through role play, they took participants on a journey from sex work research in the Netherlands to studying indigenous communities in India, inviting them to reflect on the epistemic and material risks involved in conventional ways of organizing research and to imagine alternatives that embody progressive social change in the research process already

Associate professor

Dr Karin Astrid Siegmann

PhD student

Richard Toppo

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