Imagining the end of fossil capitalism

Inaugural lecture by Professor Lorenzo Pellegrini
Inaugural lecture Lorenzo Pellegrini - on stairs
Inaugural lecture Lorenzo Pellegrini - holding up tee-shirt

In his inaugural lecture on 14 September 2022 entitled 'Imagining the end of fossil capitalism: Supply-side climate policies and the fight to leave fossil fuels under the soil', Professor Lorenzo Pellegrini highlighted the relevance of the supply of fossil fuels in the climate debate.

A large audience at the International Institute of Social Studies and even a larger audience online attended the lecture in which Pellegrini argued that climate policies that focus on cutting the demand for fossil fuel should be complemented by similar policies which limit their supply; we need policies which leave fossil fuels in the ground.

He presented a future beyond fossil capitalism; a future that includes productive engagement with environmental justice organizations and social movements in their efforts to stop the extraction of underground fuel reserves.

Rewatch Lorenzo's inaugural lecture

Recording inaugural lecture Lorenzo Pellegrini - 14 September 2022

Imagining the end of fossil capitalism

Read the full text of Pellegrini's inaugural lecture.


Professor Lorenzo Pellegrini

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