Innovations and resource constraints in the South African healthcare sector

Successful PhD defence by Sanghamitra Charkravarty
Successful PhD defence by Sanghamitra Chakravarty

On 4 November 2022, Sanghamitra Chakravarty successfully defended her PhD thesis exploring frugality in medical advice manufacturing in South Africa.

Asking how resource-constrained innovation influences the direction of technological change, she explored innovation for and under resource constraints by situating South Africa's manufacturing SMEs at the centre of her analysis.

Against the backdrop of scarcity of appropriate medical devices, she took takes a 'development lens' to resource-constrained innovation, bringing in dimensions of capabilities, technological change and direction of innovation which have received little attention in current dominant frugal innovation discourse.

Her findings indicate that the relationship between resource-constrained innovation and development is not straightforward and the direction towards inclusion, while possible under certain conditions, is fragile.

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PhD defence Sanghamitra Chakravarty

PhD defence Sanghamitra Chakravarty

Dr Sanghamitra Chakravarty

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