ISS and Dutch government work together on conflict prevention and peacebuilding

The International Institute of Social Studies has joined the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a new research initiative on Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding.

ISS became a member of the research advisory group to the Dutch Foreign Ministry's recently-established interdepartmental working group on Early Warning and Early Action (EWEA).

The EWEA working group aims to identify, prioritize and address early warning signs in relation to conflict risk and other international trends and developments that may impact the security of the Netherlands in the short (0-1 year) and intermediate term (1-5 years).

The EWEA working group consists of representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Justice & Security, and Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. The advisory group consists of Netherlands-based academic institutions, think thanks and civil society organizations that are directly working on Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding. 

On Thursday, 4 July 2019, ISS hosted the first meeting of the new group which was convened by ISS Assistant Professor of Conflict and Peace Studies, Shyamika Jayasundara-Smits, who was also one of the initiators of EWEA.